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We will develop and host your online presence. Whether it is a regular one-pager, a impressive business website or a high-quality online store. If you want to you can unlock unlimited access and control of the website to you so you can manage it by yourself.

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If you want to present your single business, your club or your hobby online this will be the right choice for you. Offer your audience more information about yourself and what you do.
You will get a single page website with well-arranged navigation bar, a modern design, legal necessities such as an automatically generated imprint and privacy policy.

contact form, newsletter subscription form, Social media integration, no branding

Business Website

You are want to showcase your business or start-up online to attract customers or present your business idea professionally? Choose this option.
You will get a high-quality website with up to ten pages (imprint & privacy policy excluded). This offer also contains a contact form, social media integration as well as an automatically generated imprint and privacy policy.

more subpages, newsletter, no branding 


Do you want to increase your exposure on search engines to receive organic impressions and more page views? Then you should choose this option.
Search engine optimisation boost your ranking on search engines like google, bing or yahoo. Your entries will look professional and will be connected to the main keywords of your website.

Page Speed Optimisation

Besides SEO your page speed is also important for your ranking on search engines. The faster the better. Our professional tools allow us to abbreviate loading times to a minimum. This will give you an advantage over your competitors. You can generate more page views and eventually a higher total revenue.

Online Store

Do you need a professional online store to sell your products or services?
With this option you will get a premium quality online store including a contact form, social media integration, automatically generated imprint and privacy policy as well as the integration of your product variations and a top-quality order management system.

more subpages, newsletter, no branding


All of our websites can be managed by the owner or qualified administrators. Autors can be empowered to create posts or employees can be enabled to manage orders.
If you need any professional support or web management feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to help you out.

Maintenance Service

If you expect frequent changes that have to be implemented into your website or you have to integrate many new products or services into your online shop you should choose this option. For a monthly fee or an hourly rate we will be happy to help you out.


Customer Satisfaction

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Our exclusive service


Your satisfaction is our mission. We know that our customers would like to have access to the management of their website. Small changes can be easily done by yourself if you do not want to hire an agency for specific tasks. That is why we offer you full control over your website. We also offer a personal coaching so you can do all necessary tasks by yourself. If you are not into managing your own website we can do it for you.

Why do we use WordPress? A similar question would be to ask a software developer why he codes in Java or Python instead of coding in machine language directly. The answer is simple. WordPress offers many features to support you and your business. It delivers a skeletal structure for your website. We will integrate every required feature and are still able to add custom code if needed. This process saves very much time and costs. Furthermore the CMS is designed user friendly so it will be easy for you to implement new or to change existing content.

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Google Analytics

Analyse your page visitors

Track the amount of active users on your website.

Analysieren your page structure to match it with the main interests of your customers.

Active Users

Protection from undesirable changes

Recovery of older versions


Backups will be executed on request


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