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Employees in many businesses have to work with outdated hardware. A replacement would charge off quickly due to improvements regarding loading times. State of the art technology is also developed far enough that there are no major innovations to expect anytime soon. Especially in the office sector. Let us analyse your requirements to receive an individual quote without obligation.

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Outdated hardware unnecessarily extends valuable labor hours and is nerve-racking. Technology has been developed well enough to sustain regular office tasks easily while being affordable at the same time. You do not have to expect any groundbreaking innovations in the near term so an investment will be well placed currently.

Project Management

Useful project management tools facilitate employees to plan projects precisely and to communicate tasks easily. This feature leads to tasks being executed quicker and with a lower error rate due to improved communication between employees.

Mobile Solutions

Time registration can be cumbersome when you are working outwards. Easily operable applications which can be installed on any smartphone can simplify this process. A complete vertically integrated system allows you to monitor and evaluate registration times remotely from your desktop.


Professional tools are useful for internal as well as external communication. Response times can be abbreviated wich will improve customer satisfaction in the long term. Special tools allow us to automate particular tasks.


Prepare for the digitalisation.

Replace outdated hardware with modern and powerful machines to reduce loading times to a minimum and to massively enhance productivity. Technology has been developed far enough that there are no major innovations to expect anytime soon. Especially in the office department. Our service enables you to receive affordable hardware with incredible performance which is optimised for your requirements.

Project Management

Easy Collaboration

Vertical Integration

Projects are visible from anywhere – anytime. Our applications are entirely vertically integrated so they can be accessed from any device whether is is stationary or mobile. This saves a lot of time and enhances communication.

Precise Analysis

How much time did a particular project require?
How many employees are deployed?
Who solved which tasks?
These and many more questions can easily answered with our analysis tools.


We are there for you anytime. Whenever there is an issue we will solve it. We also implement suggestions for improvement so you and your team can be as productive as you possible.


Besides the integration of our tools we will also assist you with teaching employees how to use them. We will optimise the software for your needs and service it if required.


A relationship between boss and employee can be tense. Due to an evaluation of any individual it is possible to identify issues regarding the working process easily. This enables you to face an issue directly. Communication is key for a good working condition.


Our tools can be used to digitalise Dokuments which currently have to be be filled handwritten. Get access to the data to evaluate it automatically. It will save you time and money.

Mobile Solutions

Convenient tools on the way

Time registration can be difficult while working externally. We will present you tools which enable your employees to do time registration within seconds on the go. Vertical integration is key to diminish extensive bureaucracy. Data will be transferred to a server where it will be processed to deliver you helpful charts which can be accessed from any device.


Optimise Speed

The speed of your workflow can be improved by using modern encrypted messengers or professional mail software for example. Not only you will profit due to cost savings but also your customers whose inquiries will be processed faster.
Several messengers offer the opportunity to implement chatbots. They can be used for answering questions of your employees to relieve their boss or they can answer your customers most common questions. Your customer service will be superior due to the instant response time. Your chatbot can be trained and will also learn automatically due its built-into deep learning feature.
Such a messenger offers way more advantages such as an improved team coordination, worldwide access to all chats or data via every device if you consider to include cloud storage. Personal or business related information can be encrypted end-to-end and there is a self destruction mode available for enhanced protection.



We will check your business on improvement opportunities – for free.
Feel free to reach out to us and we will guide you the way through digitalisation.

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